ARYZTA is committed to corporate governance and recognises the importance of a strong framework to ensure it is implemented and managed correctly. The primary corporate governance instruments adopted by ARYZTA are the code of conduct and internal organizational regulations as described below: 

Code of conduct

ARYZTA’s global code of conduct covers, among others, the topics of employee responsibility; guidelines for ethical decision making; respect, fairness and safety in the workplace; the handling of conflicts of interest; working with business partners; communication, commitment and disclosure; and sustainability aspects.

Global Whistleblowing Policy (1.77 MB)

Global Employee Code of Conduct (1.5 MB)

Supplier Code of Conduct (962.62 KB)

Open Talk ARYZTA - Confidential Independent Service for Raising Concerns

Organizational Regulations

The Board of Directors of ARYZTA AG adopts Organizational Regulations based on art. 716b CO and art. 17 of the Articles of Association.

Organizational Regulations of ARYZTA AG (300.96 KB)

UK Tax Strategy

This document covers our approach to managing our tax affairs as required in accordance with Finance Act 2016, section 161 and Finance Act 2016, Schedule 19, paragraph 19(2) for the year ending 31 July 2022.


Sustainable Sourcing Policy for Palm Oil (1.31 MB)

Sustainable Sourcing Policy for Cocoa Beans (161.95 KB)

Sustainable Sourcing Policy for Eggs (155.9 KB)

Sustainability Policy (1.19 MB)

While recognising the importance of these formal instruments, good corporate governance in practice requires a commitment to, and the practice of, values which guide the Group in serving the needs of its stakeholders, be they shareholders (institutional or retail), customers, consumers, suppliers, employees or other interested groups. ARYZTA is committed to keeping its corporate governance framework under review with a view to on-going developments in the area and the on-going evolution of the Group.