“Open Talk”

We at ARYZTA AG are committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our Group Whistleblowing Policy encourages workers to report any legal or ethical concerns and to protect and support those individuals who report such concerns without fear of retaliation. The term workers includes employees, directors, officers, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, sub-suppliers, casual, voluntary, agency workers and similar third parties of ARYZTA AG and its subsidiaries (“the Group”).

If you have knowledge of, or grounds to suspect wrongdoing of a legal or unethical nature related to the Group, whether it is a breach of internal policies, legal or regulatory obligations, we encourage you to speak up. You should feel comfortable about raising your concerns. This protects each of us, our business and our stakeholders. We must always «Do the Right Thing».

The aim of this policy is to provide workers with clear and easily accessible information for raising any legal or unethical concerns related to the Group.

Submitting Reports

When submitting a report, we encourage you to provide as much detail as possible concerning the suspected wrongdoing. This will allow us to conduct any investigation promptly and effectively. The report should explain who did what, when and at what time. If possible, additional information, documents or evidence should be provided.

There are several ways to submit a report which are explained in the policy:

1) You can report directly to the Group General Counsel in writing, or by email, call or in person. You can ask the Group General Counsel for a meeting in person or via video or telephone call to raise your concern.

2) You can use the external Open Talk Hotline to submit your report by email or call.

The ARYZTA Open Talk Hotline is managed by NAVEX which is an independent service and is not part of the ARYZTA Group. The Open Talk ARYZTA Hotline can be contacted at aryzta.ethicspoint.com or via local, toll-free phone numbers that connect reporters to a multilingual reporting service. Countries listed below have a localized reporting channel via the Open Talk Hotline.  All workers who are not employees who have a concern to report can do so via the ARYZTA Open Talk Hotline.

Workers reporting in the countries listed below will be given the option to instruct the Open Talk Hotline specialist to:

(i) report to the Responsible Person in the local business; or

(ii) report to the Responsible Person at Group ARYZTA AG level.

Reports from workers in the other countries will be forwarded to the Responsible Person at Group ARYZTA AG level.

Full details of the Whistleblowing process is set out in our Whistleblowing Policy.


TOLL FREE ARYZTA Open Talk Hotline Numbers

Country Hotline Number
Australia 1800 586 773
Bulgaria 0800 46 042
Denmark 80 83 02 14
France 0 805 08 05 97
Germany 0800 1810489
Hungary 80 088 170
Ireland 1800 903 317
Japan 0800-222-1167
Malaysia 1-800-81-7790
Netherlands 0800 0232665
New Zealand 0800 623 379
Poland 0 0 800 141 0026
Romania 0800 360 156
Singapore 800 492 2341
Spain 900 998 482
Sweden 020 10 93 36
Switzerland 0800 836 702
Taiwan 00801 49 1210
United Kingdom 0800 086 8783