Three different models to market 

ARYZTA is focused on the bake-off segment of the bakery market. ARZYTA services three channels to market, Retail, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and Other Food Service. These three channels have different functionalities and pricing models. We have established three business models and organizations in order to deliver the gold standard for the three different channels.

The Food Solutions organizations offers a large assortment of quality bakery products that are delivered directly to customers with focus Foodservice and Convenience. The Bakery Organizations supplies large grocery and wholesale with bake-off products produced in its own bakeries. The QSR organizations are focusing on the Quick Service Restaurants Chains offering a very selective product range produced in dedicated ARYZTA bakeries. 

Excellence in Category Know-how 

ARYZTA’s bake-off product portfolio covers three key categories of bread & rolls, morning bakery and savoury bakery. The portfolio focuses on convenience with a range of semi-finished as well as a thaw and serve assortments. Its products ranges are focused around the key consumer trends of freshness, health, artisan and ethical while leveraging the competitive advantages of optimizing the value chain of the customers.  

Bread Rolls & Artisan Loaves

Sweet Baked & Morning Goods

Savoury & Other

Well-established consumer brands 

At ARYZTA we are united by a passion for food and the desire to help food businesses serve memorable taste experiences to their customers. We have developed and enhanced a portfolio of specialist best-in-class brands that embody our bakery heritage and innovative spirit. Our collection of brand names includes well recognised consumer brands in continental artisan breads, pastries, viennoisserie, French pâtisserie and American bakery.  

Brand Products Channel Countries
image name bread & rolls, sweet baked morning goods, savoury/other Retail, Foodservice Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia, Japan
image name bread & rolls, sweet baked morning goods, savoury/other Retail, Foodservice Ireland
image name bread & rolls, sweet baked morning goods, savoury/other Food Service France, Export
image name sweet baked morning goods, savoury Retail, Foodservice Denmark, Export
image name bread & rolls Retail Netherlands
image name savoury/others Retail, Foodservice Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria
image name savoury/others Food Service Switzerland
image name sweet baked morning goods Foodservice, Retail Switzerland