To help us develop the strategies and capabilities to achieve our goals, we’ve continued to build and nurture strong, reciprocal relationships with our stakeholders. In 2022, this included an extensive consultation of both our internal and external stakeholders, to identify the key topics that will be critical to the sustainable performance of our business and that are seen as important by our partners and stakeholders. In total, we spoke to over 40 stakeholders covering multiple functions and geographies in the organization including our C-suite, commercial and operational teams. Outside ARYZTA, we spoke with major customers and suppliers and got feedback from several of our major investors.

The outcome of this work has been to help us shape a new set of strategic priorities that integrate positive sustainable impact, with performance. Our stakeholders appreciated the focus we have  on  compliance, especially with regard to Food Safety & Quality and Health & Safety standards.

 Stakeholders also flagged the importance of good corporate governance to the success of our strategy, good environmental management, sourcing and the opportunity to meet varied dietary needs. These topics have been mapped and prioritised to our strategic pillars as illustrated on the materiality matrix.