Full Year Results for the year ending 31 July 2009

News Release

Zurich/Switzerland, 28 September 2009 – ARYZTA AG announces financial results for the fiscal year ended 31 July 2009:
Key performance highlights

-Underlying EPS rises by 16.0% to 234.7 cent
-Revenue growth of 2.5% to EUR 3,212.3m
-Return on investment increases to 12.6%, up 60 basis points
-Proposed dividend payout of 35.2 cent per share
-Revenue growth of 4.7% to EUR 1,712.7m
-Operating profit (incl. joint venture) rises by 15.4% to EUR 218.5m
-Underlying net profit rises by 18.0% to EUR 149.3m
-Net Debt (EUR 505.5m) : EBITDA of 1.77x
-Return on investment increases to 11.0%, up 60 basis points
-Underlying fully diluted EPS rises by 6.2% to 36.16 cent
-Return on investment increases to 20.7%, up 70 basis points
Commenting on the results, ARYZTA AG Chief Executive Officer Owen Killian said:
“The 2009 financial year began with unprecedented weakness in the global economy. Through the year, the recession broadened and deepened and this is reflected in our underlying revenues, which swung from double-digit growth to a decline, within the twelve month period.
“ARYZTA has remained focused on cash generation and improving operating efficiency and this is reflected in our results. We are fortunate to be in the food business, particularly speciality bakery, where a combination of excellent products, trusted brands and an adaptive business model has provided some resilience in what remains a very challenging operating environment.
“These results are an endorsement of the shareholders’ overwhelming support to create ARYZTA last year. We will continue to prioritise cash, while maintaining a well-invested platform to benefit from a future recovery in economic growth.”
ARYZTA AG (‘ARYZTA’) is a Swiss company based in Zurich with operations in North America, Europe, South East Asia and Australia.
ARYZTA has a primary listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange and a secondary listing on the ISE Irish Exchange (SIX: ARYN, ISE: YZA).
ARYZTA is the majority shareholder (71.4%) in Origin Enterprises plc, which has a listing on the AIM in London and the IEX in Dublin (AIM: OGN, IEX: OIZ).
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Analyst conference call
An analyst call will take place today at 09.00 CET (08.00 BST).
Dial in numbers are: Switzerland: 0800 789 005, Ireland: 1800 932 973, the UK: 0800 694 2586 , USA and Canada: 1866 966 9446, International: +44 (0) 1452 567 098. Please supply the following code: 32118448 to access the call.
Printable pdf versions of slides will be available to download from the ARYZTA website www.www.aryzta.com 15 minutes before the call.
A conference call webcast replay will be available from the ARYZTA website www.www.aryzta.com.
The full news release (in English) including extracts from the Group Financial Statements 2009 can be downloaded from the following link: