Brochure of Particulars

ARYZTA AG (“the Company”)
Brochure of Particulars
Application has been made to the Irish Stock Exchange for the admission of 2,240,000 registered shares of nominal value of CHF0.02 each in the capital of ARYZTA AG to be admitted to the Official List of the Irish Stock Exchange pursuant to a share subscription on behalf of ARY LTIP Trustee Limited. 
ARY LTIP Trustee Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of ARYZTA formed for the purposes of holding the shares subject to the ARYZTA Long Term Incentive Plan 2008 (“LTIP”) and ARY LTIP Trustee Limited will hold these shares in treasury pending satisfaction of the applicable terms of the ARYZTA Long Term Incentive Plan.
Application has also been made to the Swiss Stock Exchange for these shares to be admitted to trading. Such admission is expected to become effective and dealings to commence on these shares on 9 January 2008. 
Contact details:
Hilliard Lombard
Tel: +41 (0) 44 583 42 00